Our main objective is to help Enterprise customers to run pre packed and distributed application in Amazon Market Place and other cloud services. We focus not only to help deploy applications in AWS to build development and QA stacks but also provide deployment of enterprise ready production scalable applications. In addition to providing application stacks in Amazon we also provide monitoring and patching service on those Virtual machines (AMI) were applications are built and distributed in Amazon Market place.

Products and services that we offer:

Application stacks on Amazon Market place like, Scalable Hadoop, Scalable Mongo DB, Scalable Cassandra, CRM Application, Databases, Bug tracking applications Reporting tools etc.

Monitoring services The application that we offer in Amazon Market places are packaged with our monitoring tools, once the AMIs are deployed you can run these monitoring tools to monitor the Applications.

SAAS Patching (in Beta) is a service were customers can patch their VMs in Amazon and other cloud service for a very low cost. No hassle of maintaining patch applications in your in house set up , log to our SAAS application service , create an ID and start patching your machine for low monthly cost.