Lower your cloud spend, Secure your cloud, & Improve developer productivity.

We offer the following solutions in AWS cloud.

  • Reducing Your Cloud Spend ($)
  • Applications stacks in AWS Marketplace
  • Securing Your Cloud
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Cost Optimizer

Why give free money to cloud providers? Use our solution to track your spend and take simple/ML based actions to reduce cost.

Dashboard to slice and dice your cloud spend. Sweeps unused AWS resources to reduce cost.

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AWS Marketplace

Subscribe to our 60+ applications in AWS Marketplace. Simple to launch with the cheapest price.

Spend no time in building application stacks, databases and more. Subscribe to our stacks from AWS Marketplace

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AWS Security

Secure your cloud infrastructure and patch your EC2 instance across regions from a single pane of window.

Patch your instances on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

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Cloud Cost Optimizer

  • A simple dashboard to slice and dice your AWS Cloud spend.
  • Sweeps your unused AWS resources to reduce cost.
  • Action based jobs to reduce cost.
  • Continuous Machine learning analysis to reduce cloud cost.
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AWS Marketplace

  • Subscribe to our range of applications on AWS Marketplace.
  • Don’t spend time in building application stacks.
  • Hardened/Secured images out of the shelves.
  • You get to code more than spending time in operations.
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Cloud Security

Scan your AWS infrastructure for any security gaps, helps to address vulnerabilities in your environment. Patch your servers across all regions from one simple dashboard.

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Our customers


Vijay Ananthakrishnan

CTO, Onswitch Energy

Cloud Insider is a great tool and it reduced our AWS spend by 30+% . The pricing is simple and the tool is easy to use.




We use to have underutilized instances and servers running during weekends and non business hours, CloudInsider has removed those spends and saved us a good chunk of money.



MySql powered by Globalsolutions

This product saved me a lot of time and money by having MySQL and PHP installed and configured very nicely.



WAMP Powered by Global Solutions

My WAMP stack was ready and I was able to login to the Instance and start developing in less than 5 minutes. No additional setup required.
Just launch and get started.
Happy developing!!!