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What is Cloud Optimizer and how can i get it ?

Cloud Optimizer is a solution provided by Globalsolutions to reduce your AWS cost. You can get it by subscribing from AWS Marketplace.
This offering is available only from AWS Marketplace. Subscribing from AWS Marketplace makes it seamless from a billing perspective. Our customers will see a line item in their Monthly AWS bill when they subscribe to this service.
The product helps customers to patch their servers on a regular basis. This helps customers to see all the servers that are vulnerable across the all regions in single page. Customers can choose the servers they want to patch or create a schedule to patch them on a regular basis.
Yes we have a cheap monitoring solution for AWS. Go ahead and subcribe to our solution Prometheus Cloud Exporter from Amazon Marketplace. Subscribe the solution and get to see the status of all servers.
We offer both AMI based and container based application stacks. All of our offerings are hardened on security and provide monitoring where ever possible.
Yes, we specialize in it, come up with an idea and we will develop an end to end MVP product. We will build, deploy and host it for you.