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Our Exciting News

April 2020

We are proud to release the GA version of Cloud Cost Optimizer. This helps our customer to track their spend on cloud and reduce their AWS Cloud Spend by atleast 25+%.

March 2020

We have added two offering to our AWS Marketplace, this will help ourcustomers to run Kafka and ZooKeeper clusters on Windows

Jan 2020

Why spend ton of money to monitor AWS environments.Subscribe to our new offering in AWS Marketplace and starting monitoring the entire AWS environment for 10 cents an hour.

Nov 2019

Subscribe to our range of offerings from AWS Marketplace. We continue to publish services on a monthly basis.

Our Expertise

We are a startup and our primary focus is to help customers onboard into the cloud. We help customers to secure their cloud and be aware of the spend and ways to reduce their cost as they migrate to the cloud. We have worked with many startups to transform their vision and ideas into product and solutions.

One of the pain points that we have heard again and again from every customer is about the cloud spend. There are many tools in the market, but all of them are complex and loaded with too many features without solving the problem to reduce cost. We have developed a cloud cost optimizer solution (Cloud Insider a SAAS service) to address this problem for our customers.

We have an expert team of developers who can build products in Java, Python, C++ and more.

As you build products the next step is to deploy and manage them. We help customers to build in a SAAS model so they can take advantage of cost and agility to build and release products. We have a team of experts who can guide and build the deployment model for your microservices in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team is well versed in all the services provided by AWS and could help you recommend the best service to be adopted for your products and solutions.